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Your New Leaf neighbors are pro-gossipers

This comic comes courtesy of Ribbon Black, warning players about the dangers of rumors going around town. This is why I tell my villagers to keep my name out they mouth.

The third panel is my favorite; it cracks me up to see Tabby’s tongue waggling with salacious scuttlebutt, blushing Doc’s cheeks. “holy shit r u 4 real”

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Some of my cuties of Lavender :3

"Funny parents have funny kids."





broccolo doesn’t know whether avocados are fruits or vegetables and this has caused vesta great distress


my favorite part of april fools was learning everyone’s secret dreams.

and the fact that coco wanted to be an astronaut made me really happy, so have a REALLY fast sketch i did during break today

April Fools in Lilane ✿

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